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Tooling Development and Manufacturing

Tooling Development and Manufacturing

We develop and produce industrial tooling applied to a variety of different markets such as aviation, aerospace, defense, oil and gas, automotive, agricultural and logistics.

Through an effective philosophy in processes management, applying continuous improvement quality methodologies, such as Lean manufacturing, Kaizen, QFD, Quality System focused on the rules of ISO 9001, we design, develop, produce as well as provide technical assistance in all production lines, assembly and industrial tooling projects.

Our group of well-trained and experienced engineers, not only in the aerospace industry, also develops efficient assembly production lines for industrial processes, from the project design to the development of all industrial tooling needed for a highly effective process.

We develop efficient solutions to production processes applied to our customer assembly lines, in a creative and innovative way, looking for sustainably cost optimizations and consequently, for more competitiveness in the business market, regardless of our working area.