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About Us

Troya is capable of meeting the most variety of industries needs, providing excellence solutions, leading-edge technology, and also counts with a staff of highly qualified engineers.

The TROYA group was created and initially developed in “IncubAero” (Business Incubator), a Business startup company incubator which is located at ITA –Technological Institute of Aeronautics, in the city of Sao Jose dos Campos – SP, under the name of OTF, in July 2005. Its main activities have been to be part of the Supply Chain Tooling of the aeronautical and aerospace industries, working with the main companies of this field, such as EMBRAER, BOEING, AIRBUS, BOMBARDIER, SAAB, and also aircraft suppliers, such as Alestis, Latecoere, Aernnova, Sobraer, among others.

TROYA also provides Process and Device Solutions for other areas such as Automotive, Defense, Oil & Gas, Wind Energy, Agricultural and Logistics. In order to meet these complex and competitive markets demands, TROYA counts with a group of technicians and engineers from the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA) to carry out projects that are being developed, as well as processes, structural calculations, technical specifications, dimensional measurements with the use of high precision equipment and also performs many different Business roles.

Early 2018 Troya became an Akaer Group company.

The TROYA group follows a continuous and solid business growth, developing an innovative and global vision by attending Conferences and International Fairs, in order to master our staff with updated technologies, having the business needs and innovations that the market demands to grow, as our main concerns.